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Darth Vader is a chick magnet

Using the force to move objects is one thing. Using it to pull foxy chicks from the four corners of the galaxy – now you’re talking.

Via: Stunt-works


David Friedman of Ironic Sans has officially knocked our socks off with this incredible portrait of Darth Vader done completely in typography. We never realized just how evil san serif type actually was until it crossed over to the dark side. This illustration is a triple threat. Being fans of sci fi, typography and vector art – it’s as though someone out there has been reading our diaries.

darth vader in typography star wars vectorvault

Not impressed? Why not try this one on for size. How about a full on Death Star attack comprised of the alphabet and a few punctuation marks. Justin Crisostomo has basically made us crap our pants. You happy now you talented scoundrel? Click to enlarge.

death star in typography vectorvault

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