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(Video) Wonder Woman – DC Nation – Animated Short

Wonder Woman is Back!

Wonder Woman has been updated – And it works!

The style of animation is spot on. As if the comic itself had somehow come to life. Hand drawn art merged with state of the art vector animation technology.
This one has it’s magic lasso around my heart. More please.

Wonderful Animated Short

Warner Bros. Animation has released the following clips from “Wonder Woman,” (aka Diana Prince) a new DC Nation short film presenting a new spin on the iconic Amazing Amazon, premiering on the Cartoon Network. The short is written and directed by Robert Valley (TRON Uprising).

DC Nation Short, “Wonder Woman”

Vector Batman Cover – Detective Comics #745

I love Batman. I said it. I really love the timeless-cool of the character.
So much so, that I even overlook the Clooney disaster.
Great cover design.

Vector illustration – DC Inferno

Just how bad is it? Well, I’ve learned never to ask questions that I did not want to learn the answers to. But it seems as though Washington is certainly “feeling the heat” these days. That’s where the inspiration for this illustration has come from (DC Inferno). Pray for rain. Lots of it.

Pneumatic Anatomica – JASON FREENY

Washington, DC

Balloon animals are simply inflated shapes, twisted and manipulated into forms – right? – Wrong. Jason Freeny has bravely dissected the anatomy of these wonderful creatures in the name of science. This poster entitled: “Pneumatic Anatomica” is a beautiful display of his talent.

Jason was born in 1970 just outside Washington DC. During the day, Jason works as an interactive web designer. He loves watching cartoons with his little boy and collecting overpriced designer vinyl toys.

His father was a professor of painting and sculpture at the University of Maryland, which no doubt influenced his skills.

You can see more of Jason’s incredible work here.

You can also purchase this print here.


Connect directly with Jason here: