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Oscars 85 years – Academy Awards Poster by Olly Moss

And the award for most imaginative expression of 85 years of Oscar Winners goes to….

Oscars 85 years – 2013 Academy Awards Poster by Olly Moss

85 years of Oscar Award Winners

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The movies have shaped my creativity as a designer. No doubt about it. So much so, that they have punctuated my entire life. My mind is filled with real memories. But along with those memories, there are Memorable Movie Characters that have earned their place. Stories and Visuals that serve as the high octane fuel of creativity that many of us draw from.
As movies have changed, so has the creative landscape.
Vector Art has also played a role. Not only in the spectrums of animation and special effects, but also in promotional imagery, title design and a galaxy of disciplines that make movies special.

This Academy Awards Poster by Olly Moss really caught our attention today.

Talk about an impressive undertaking: Artist Olly Moss, along with the Academy and Gallery 1988, created an Oscars poster that showcases every Best Picture winner—from Wings in 1927 to The Artist last year—as variations of that classic Academy Award statue.


Can’t get enough?

What about all of the finer details of a movie. The “texture” that actors create within.
Vector Art is everywhere. It’s not going anywhere.
And we intend to put a spotlight on it wherever it appears.
(It’s kind of out thing)

But don’t take our word for it.
Why not ask Tony Stark (Billionaire, Genius, Inventor and Superhero),
– What powers the visuals in Iron Man’s helmet?
Why Vector Art of course.

The Avengers interface design by Jayse Hansen

The Avengers interface design by Jayse Hansen

Kawaii Avengers by Jerrod Maruyama

Kawaii Avengers by Jerrod Maruyama

(VIDEO) RasTa – Movie Poster

UPDATE – RasTa Live Event

On Saturday September 10, 2011 I was asked to speak about the design surrounding the film. It turned out to be one of the highlights in my career as an artist. I wanted to share it with you.

* Please read my speech at the bottom of this post.

Toronto, Ontario,

Adam Jarvis – At long last, I have completed a very important project. I wanted to share it with you and hopefully get some feedback. In turn, perhaps you could pass it on to someone who might dig it. It would mean allot to me. Thanks.


When I was approached by Len Henry of Fashcam to work on a logo for a featured length documentary about RasTafari – I was very honoured. Working closely with Len and Corwin Hall of Yaudie, we developed a logo that captured the spirit of the movement.

This project presented a grand opportunity for me to educate myself on the religion. What I was not expecting, was to reach such artistic depths within myself. It pushed me to create something, then elevate it into a “work of art”.

A large bulk on my creativity ends up here on Vectorvault. It is my lover letter to vector art and my favourite software Adobe Illustrator. But this project required me to activate the Photoshop side of my brain as well.

With countless layers and textures, this poster finally came to fruition. “It” let me know when “it” was finished.

As a Creative Director with over 16 years behind me, I can honestly say that this project was far more enjoyable than any “ad” I have ever done. I enjoyed the process of reading faces and revealing the story through images…

Interested is learning more? Continued…