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Big Hero 6 – Disney Official Trailer

For its first Marvel adaptation, Walt Disney Animation Studios is bringing the publisher’s obscure ode to Japanese manga, “Big Hero 6,” to the big screen.

Now BH6 has a cult following. So anyone who follows Japanese-inspired comics or anime knows about this incredible group of misfits. This one could be a real hit. Looking forward to watching it with my kids. Get a real opinion.

I think the combination of Disney and Marvel will revolutionize cinema and storytelling in general for many years to come.

They are setting up a story-telling dynasty here. With the Marvel Universe at it’s disposal and a galaxy of stories and characters to draw from – the possibilities are limitless and the expectations are at an all time high. That’s usually when the art form (whatever it may be) is at it’s best.

My kids are already standing in line.

November 2014


Big Hero SiX Assembles in theatres only - Keep communication lines open for further details. ::::::::::: End Transmission.

See below to get a look at the comic.

(Video) “Frozen” Disney Animated Feature – Trailer

Disney Has Done it Again

I can’t wait to take the kids to see this one! It looks like its going to be a great movie. And just in time for Christmas. I love the snowman character, he’s so cute!



(Video) Paperman – Full Animated Short Film – Disney

Paperman was featured in 2012 ahead of Wreck-it Ralph. In many ways, I enjoyed it more than the feature. Enjoy:

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Get a closer look at the technology and technique behind it:


(video) Interview with Pixar Animator Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel has been an imaginative silent force behind some of Pixar’s most memorable movies. His passion for story telling and his talent for character design is world renowned. And here at Vectorvault, we are also bewildered by his mind.

His illustrated book Divine Loophole is a masterpiece of Indian folklore and modern vector illustration.


TRON LEGACY – Trailer 3 (video)

TRON LEGACY is going to be one of the most anticipated movies this year. And judging by the art direction – for good reason.