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Big Tune by Lonewolf Album Artwork



Big Tune by Lonewolf Camio Recordings (UK)


(Video) Droog Milan 2011 – Design for download


Droog has developed an innovative system that allows consumers to download digital plans for furniture to be produced locally. A concept that really strikes a chord with those looking to reduce waste and cost without giving up style.

This could be the start of something very interesting. But why stop at furniture? What other products could benefit from this format?



Here is yet another exclusive vector download from your friends at Vectorvault. All you have to do is cut and paste the coupon code below and click on the image to go to the product page. Enter the coupon code at checkout and it’s all yours.

coupon code: VECTOCT10


Because we love you. That’s why.
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Free iPad Wallpapers – extraverage

iPad Wallpapers

10 different personal artwork. 1024 x 1024, works both landscape and portrait.

All rights reserved. © Karoly Kiralyfalvi | Here you can download the pack.
You may share the link but you must not reuse and resell the artworks.

Via: extraverage


Alan Designs has put together a nice selection of free vector icons for you to download. Each are created to be displayed at 36px by 36px, but can be scaled to any size.
Very generous of him. Please do what you can to drive traffic towards his fine site in return.

Download here.

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Ol’ Dirty Dermot Skull from Vecteezy

Vecteezy is “all that and a bag of chips”. You know this. So make sure that they are bookmarked and you visit often.

Why? Here’s why: Vecteezy has offered up this FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD created by one of our favorite skateboarding vector artists Ol’ Dirty Dermot. Go get it.

Who’s Ol’Dirty Dermot you ask?

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Bird silhouettes

Our friends at Bittbox know just what ruffles your feathers. They consistently pump out useful tutorials, interviews and enough freebies to choke an ostrich. 

Here is another generous giveaway. If you have not already – stop what you’re doing right now and bookmark their site. They are the Obi wan to our Luke Skywalker and we think they’re pretty terrific.


birds silhouettes in flight vector download

birds silhouettes in flight vector download

*Source: Bittbox


It’s inevitable. At some point in your career, you’ll find yourself designing a flyer for a dance club. It’s the natural law of the universe when it comes to graphic design. 

Vectorvault Dee Jay is the answer you’ve been looking for. So pull a couple of hits out of the crate with these FREE SAMPLES.