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VIDEO Inspiration: “Cold War” by Janelle Monae

What does this have to do with vector art? Well, nothing really. But ask yourself where your inspiration comes from these days? Are you running low?
Then suddenly this track becomes of paramount importance.
Listen to the lyrics and look into Janelle Monae‘s eyes. They harpoon directly into your soul to pour truth.

Watch it twice. It’s just that nice.

“This is a cold war. Do you know what you’re fighting for?”


I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to impress others with my ability to solve puzzles and then serve them up as award-winning visuals. That’s no longer the case. Now that I have broken from my stylish cubicle into the real world, I know what’s important to me.
Vectorvault is not a website. It’s a container for me to fill with things and people that inspire me.

This community keeps growing and along with it a purpose. I plan to see it out to it’s glorious fruition. Whatever that may be.

Don’t build a portfolio for the sake of getting more work to fill a portfolio. That’s an unbreakable cycle to some.
Inject passion and disregard those who don’t see you for what you are.

I love this song. I hope you dig it too.


Still not convinced?

“Cold War” by Janelle Monae