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Vectorvault breaks 5000 Facebook Fans


(Video) The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

by Alex Trimpe
This video speaks for itself.


Alex is a recent graduate of CCAD, and his focus is motion graphics.

Vectorvault has 4000 “Likes” on Facebook!

Guess what, we "like" you too.

Guess what, we "like" you too.

Thanks for the help

That just feels great. It’s so nice to know that not only is there a passion for vector art, but you “Like” the creative ways that we bring it to you.
Thank you for sharing our page and reputation. It really means a great deal to us here.
Wherever you are, we hope that 2013 is filled with creativity, success and good health.

Please continue to recommend this page to friends that have great taste, a sense of style and an eye for beautiful digital art.

Vectorvault has 3000 Facebook Fans!


Thanks for the “like”

Wow. Thanks for making us feel so special.
We love vector art. And as we can see, apparently so do you.
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5 more ways to connect with the vector art community

Many of you have shown a strong interest in connecting with the Anchorpoint community beyond the confines of Vectorvault. In response to that request, we are diligently working hard on shaping community features that will bring vector artists and vector art lovers closer together. Every day, thousands of you help to make that dream a reality. Thanks.

Here are a few more tools that will strengthen our community. Your support is valued.