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Animated Gif – The Most Popular Girls’ Names, State by State, from 1960 to the Present

It’s like those animated maps showing the rise and fall of empires. A swarm of Jennifers consume the country, only for their star to fall and that of Jessica to rise. Jessicas rule the land until the forces of Emily rise up and overthrow them. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and become Sophia.

With data from the Social Security Administration, Reuben Fischer-Baum of Jezebel created maps showing, state by state and year by year, the most popular baby names for girls from 1960 to last year. So far, none have been bizarre, invented spellings, for which I and the English language thank you.

Vector Art – Flamenco by Cris Vector

Cris Vector is one of our favourite vector illustrators. He has established a reputation for creating stunning images one anchor point at a time.
Here is an excellent example of his talent. This piece is called Flamenco:

Catsuit by Stan Chow

This is a great one color execution with a lot of soul. Stan has a fun and “frisky” approach to illustration. Check out more of his work on his Flickr gallery or his portfolio.


Originally uploaded by Stan Chow

Foxy Font Females by Ink Finger

These four striking portraits of women are composed entirely of type from particular fonts.

The Baskerville model, drawn from a font designed in 1757, is the boldest and proudest of the four.

ink finger font female women portraits typography vector free vector files download free vectorvault anchorpoint

“No letterform has been skewed, stretched, flipped or any other bastardizing technique,” says Matt Sutter, the American artist behind the portraits.

“So the letters are pure as the driven snow.”

Mr Sutter, from Philadelphia, is selling prints of the images from his website.

*Source: Telegraph via: Nolan Interactive

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YARDYSEVEN – Female vector portrait

This is an untitled piece done by an artist named Yardyseven. Although he considers himself a hobbyist and not necessarily an expert, we tend to see much more potential. This illustration was “inspired by life and music” and has some real terrific qualities.



This is a tremendous find. Our friends at designers-revolution have managed to pull together a wonderful assembly of vector females. The quality is wonderful and the colors are vibrant and exciting. This is a must-download.
There are over 30 files (.ai) with thumbnails included for reference. Awesome!

vector download free stylish girls contemporary illustration vectorvault

Give credit where credit is due. Visit designers-revolution to say thanks and bookmark their site for the future.

Download the artwork here.

GUSHEE – Female vector portrait

There is not much to go on here. All we can say is that this image stopped us cold. The gradient mesh work is slick and well thought out. The artist (known only as GUSHEE) obviously has two things going for him: Patience and great taste in women. Wow.

gushee vector female portrait vectorvault