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FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Traffic light and street signs

Our friends at Digital Artist Toolbox have been kind enough to provide this great Free download. The quality is terrific and I think that you should have no trouble finding some use for these.

Download the art, then visit the source to give thanks and explore their website from top to bottom. They are slowly building quite a resource for designers and illustrators.

“I’ve made a few vector road signs and a traffic light for you to add to your toolbox.  I had a lot of fun making them, especialy the traffic light.  I hope you enjoy and find good use of them. The zip file contains Illustrator 10 format and a EPS format.”

traffic light street signs vector signage free vector downloads vectorvault

*Source: Digital Artist Toolbox



Here is a very interesting free offering from Chadlonius. It is an homage to Asian take out cuisine and in our humble opinion: absolutely delicious (both).

This file is completely editable in any vector editing software, such as Adobe IllustratorFreehand, orCorelDRAW.

free vector download msg to go

Give it up.

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Household objects

*YSR1 is a talented illustrator with a diverse portfolio. He is also generous. Here is a free vector download set. If you use it, please show some respect to the artist who provided it.

silhouette free vector art download files royalty-free vectorvault vectors vexels

*Source: vector4free


Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA – 

Tony Headrick is probably best known for his design company Neno Design. His company’s vector sample files are very popular and the quality is excellent. Many of our members have been very inspired by these creations, which has forced us to take a closer look at some of the more impressive designs being generated by this innovative company.

Tony started Neno Design when he was still in college in 2002. Six years later his company is still going strong.

neno design tony headrick hair vectorvault free vector collections, free vector files, free vector, free vector images, royalty free vector

This free download is a very generous gesture on behalf of Tony. One that we admire. He’s crafted a few hair balls (you heard me). Take a moment to visit Tony and learn more about what he does. Give thanks to this fellow Anchorpoint member.


FREE DOWNLOAD – NORTON papercraft bots

In order to raise awareness about the various malicious bots looking to colonize your computer via the net, Symantec/Norton have whomped up a couple of downloadable cute malware papercraft bots for you to cut, fold and glue. Available are the Identity Theft Bot and the Extortion Bot. Link.

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“Bot” is short for robot—but this isn’t your run-of-the-mill mechanical droid that speaks in bleeps and fixes everything. Quite the contrary. Bots are virtual, which is a problem from the get-go. You can’t beat a bot with heavy artillery or smart bombs. You have to beat them with brainpower–in the form of clever code designed by good people to protect PCs from the wrath of the bots.

Source: boingboing


FREE DOWNLOAD – Pinhole camera

Readymech, the originators of the papercraft toy craze, brings you READYCAM, flatpack paper pinhole cameras that work with normal 35mm film. Check out the user-submitted photos in the galleries and choose from the several camera designs.

pinhole camera free download readymech vector vectorvault





FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Shutterstock electronics sampler

Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world. Their outstanding collection of premium, royalty-free images grows every day, with photographs, illustrations, and vectors you won’t find any where else. As a token of their generosity, Shutterstock has offered up this FREE vector sampler of electronic equipment. Download it and then take a moment to learn more about their services. Click the image below to download.


*Source: webdesign-easy

This find way no accident. We specifically hunted it down for members who were specifically searching for quality vectors in the electronics field. Voila! One of our very own Anchorpoint members sourced for them. It’s that kind of stuff that brings a little vector tear to our eyes.

What are you looking for? What do you need? Say the word. You never know what will pop up.