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Everybody loves free vector downloads. But just giving them away without a fight seems a little easy. That’s why we’ve created a little “Easter Egg Hunt” for you.
Hidden in the July Issue of The Vectorvault Newsletter are 8 vector downloads. All you have to do is do a little digging to find them. Along the way, we would appreciate a few comments and tweets.

So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

8 free vector downloads

8 free vector downloads


Beyond Earth (23 Space Missions) – T-shirt

Calling all space nerds: Orbit your next party wearing one of these sweet shirts and you are sure to encounter one or two heavenly bodies. Exploration requires the right attire.

Robotic and human missions of exploration that extended beyond the Earth’s orbit. 23 historic missions in total (with an additional 6 separations) that are recognized for their notable achievements to various celestial bodies in our solar system with targets including the Sun, planets and their moons, comets and asteroids. Nearly every icon represents a specific robotic explorer (or series) with the exception of the Apollo program which continues to be the single human endeavor to ever go beyond the cradle.


FREE VECTOR DOWNLOADS – Christmas collection

The Holidays are certainly on their way. There’s nothing that you can do about that. So why not stuff your stocking with some useful Christmas vector graphics. It’s not a question of “if” you will need them – but rather “when”. Put yourself on the “nice list”. Download free samples.

You will also find individual Christmas vector illustrations here.



The VECTORVAULT : AFFILIATE PROGRAM has arrived! Now you can transform yourself into an abnoxious millionaire overnight selling vector art. How you ask? Click here to get all the details.

vectorvault affiliate program

vectorvault affiliate program

VECTORVAULT : STORE launches premium illustrations

This year, Vectorvault is setting it’s sights high (as you should be as well). The launch of VECTORVAULT PREMIUM ILLUSTRATIONS marks a turning point for this young brand.

Your feedback asked for colorful, detailed vector stock imagery that would turn some heads. So, over the coming weeks, we’re releasing a steady stream of quality Royalty-Free vector illustrations.

Our prices are competitive and our intentions are honorable. We want to give you the tools that will help you turn a profit and solve challenges fast.

We also offer several FREE DOWNLOADS. You just have to find them.

This store was built for you. Bookmark it, and visit often.


***To learn more about the store and our products, please read this.

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Vectorvault Icons

Vectorvault Icons is a powerful set to have in your toolbox. This is a logo building necessity and very handy for anyone who has to create icons for web or print.

Download some free samples to get a closer look at the quality.


I-KID (aka Kidaubis) has offered up some really wonderful icons for the iPhone. Each are very well designed and easy to work with. Download them here. Then say thanks here.


Cubeecraft papercraft toys are FREE to download. Each toy features interlocking tabs for construction – eliminating the need for tape, glue or other messy adhesives. To download click on the model you would like then save the template image. Each toy is designed to be printed on a standard piece of 8 1/2 X 11 A4 letter paper. For help with printing please check out the printing help section here. Simply print, cut and fold your model into a cute and fun paper toy. 50 designs to choose from.


*Source: cubeecraft