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Happy New Year 2013 from the world of Vector Art


Happy new year 2013 vector art review

Happy New Year from all of us here at Vectorvault.

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Epic – Official Movie Trailer 2013 (Video)

Official Movie Trailer for the animated feature Epic set to release 2013.

All I can say about this one is:
“A Hummingbird with a saddle?”
‘Cmon now. Really?

This movie looks really interesting. Such a stunning tapestry of fairy tale adventure and magical nature, all rolled into one. Very imaginative.


Epic - Official Movie Trailer 2013

epic-movie-trailer 2013

Laser-cut wooden topographical map by 54/50


A Nations of Laser-cut States

Portland, Oregon
54/50 has created this stunning set of laser-cut wooden topographical state maps that assemble to form one beautiful map of the United States. Wow.
Via Notcot

Vector IOS Icons by Davide Baratta

Rome, Italy

Davide Baratta has a talent for taking everyday tech objects and squishing them into small IOS Vector Icons. It’s a gift.
Take a closer look at the detail on these and then explore the artist’s portfolio.




Name Your Layers Tee by Teresa Wozniak


Photoshop Etiquette Tee

This is one of the most important messages a designer can adhere to.
Anyone can design sloppy files that look good. The real measure of a designer is to build files that other designers can carry on with. Clean, well labelled layers is a big part of that.
Teresa Wozniak knows what time it is. Do you? If so, wear it for all to see.


Emergency Compliments

In case of Crummy day, click link.

Who says that the internet has no soul?
If you are having a bad day, you may want to bookmark this one.
This Emergency Compliment Generator, pumps out kind words on the fly to pick up your mood and brighten your day. What a great idea.

When you find one that you like, all you have to do is click “Thanks! I feel better” and it generates a print that you can own and hang on your wall forever.
Thanks Internet, sometimes you can be really sweet.


So you like prints huh? Try this one on for size.


Bird Christmas Cards by Ben the Illustrator


Vector Holiday Birds Bring Joy

Why post a “Tweet” when you can hand someone a card that is “Tweet-tacular”? Ben the Illustrator has created these charming holiday bird cards that are just in time for the Holiday Season – Like it or not people, that time is here.

Chirp Chirp.Source: NotCot

About Ben:

I believe that nature makes people feel good. I have an affinity with nature; trees, flowers, animals, birds, streams, oceans, rainbows, mountains, grass, you get the picture. I believe that our natural surroundings and the creatures that live in them can ignite truly wonderful feelings within us. My professional work is deeply related to my passion for our fascinating natural world, and the emotions evoked by it. I aim to translate my feelings into visual artwork. I like to excite and inspire, to feed people fresh artwork and a fresh view on nature. Nature makes people feel good. That is why I am an illustrator.

My ‘Fluid Animals’ series has developed over time, studying a wealth of nature’s greatest, most interesting and most popular natural creatures and I am now very pleased to have brought together my artworks for calendars and cards
Speaking of birds – Check out this

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Looking for some Hope for Humanity? Ride the train with us...

Waterville, Maine – by Mike Dornseif

Mike Dornseif has never been to Waterville, Maine. But that did not stop him from imagining what it would be like.

“… to be honest I never even heard of it before. But after reading about it a bit it sounds like the place is super rich in history and has a lot of pride for community. So I think I have put it on my “to visit” list. Plus the name alone just sounds fun!”

Learn more about Mike here.