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FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Ol’ Dirty Dermot Skull from Vecteezy

Vecteezy is “all that and a bag of chips”. You know this. So make sure that they are bookmarked and you visit often.

Why? Here’s why: Vecteezy has offered up this FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD created by one of our favorite skateboarding vector artists Ol’ Dirty Dermot. Go get it.

Who’s Ol’Dirty Dermot you ask?

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Bird silhouettes

Our friends at Bittbox know just what ruffles your feathers. They consistently pump out useful tutorials, interviews and enough freebies to choke an ostrich. 

Here is another generous giveaway. If you have not already – stop what you’re doing right now and bookmark their site. They are the Obi wan to our Luke Skywalker and we think they’re pretty terrific.


birds silhouettes in flight vector download

birds silhouettes in flight vector download

*Source: Bittbox


Vectorvault Guns is a robust collection of vectorized firearms. From detailed, full-color illustrations to iconic silhouettes – this collection is armed for battle.

Here at Vectorvault we don’t support gun violence or the promotion of weapons of any kind. This collection is intended for artistic purposes. Use your powers for good.

FREE SAMPLES for the taking. Go get ’em “hot shot”.


Spoon Graphics is an incredible resource for graphic designers. Here is a free download that we really like. Hope you also find it useful. Give thanks. Bookmark their site and visit often.

Source: Spoon Graphics

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Duotone patterns

123 FREE VECTORS is a great resource. Bookmark it.
Here is a generous download on their behalf. Give thanks.


California, USA – 

24 year old designer ~YSR1 (Svyatoslav Palenyy) has offered up this free download of assorted icons. His website is also something that you should spend some time with. He has a great eye for detail and an enormous amount of talent.

You can download this offering here. Don’t forget to say thanks.

Source: vector4free

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Pens, pencils, and lighters

This pack includes pens, pencils and lighters in the common .EPS format.
Give some thanks to the generosity of Web Design Blog. They should take the credit.


WIN a FREE Vectorvault collection!

win FREE unreleased vectorvault collections

It’s easy. Simply join one, a few or all of the Vectorvault social networks listed below. Every one you enter is a chance to WIN. So why not improve your odds and join them all?!

As our way of saying thanks for all of your support of the Vectorvault community, we wanted to give you a chance to own one of our new Vectorvault collections

So, what are you waiting for? You’re a few clicks away from a “win win situation”. You’ve got a great shot at a free collection (of your choice) and a connection to a robust community of designers, illustrators and developers with a passion for vector art.

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