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ROMEU AND JULIETA – Where for art thou?

Cuiabá, Brazil, Romeu & Julieta is powered by Jean Campos, an illustrator and freelance animator for more than 4 years.

“Romeu & Julieta is a milestonein my career, the realization of a dream, to have a studio withstructure and support of care and planning of everything that is done is fantastic. My partner Patricia Palma, professional advertiser, isthe only professional able to take this compromise with me, she knowsof what we are capable to do… together we are invencible (LOL).”

– Jean says.


He boasts a wide range of clients: Nike SB, Oi, Oscar Freire,Cultura Inglesa, Petrobrás, Nation Wide Marítima, Previ, Shopping NovaAmérica, Pakalolo, Freeday, Lilica Ripilica and Citycol. Here are a few examples of his apparel creations: