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vector illustration – Chewbacca is a jerk

Even in outer space, this is NOT cool. Chewbacca has crossed the line and deserves his privates frozen in carbonite. Shameful. Just shameful.


(video) INSPIRATION – Conan O’Brien American Express Commercial

What does this have to do with vector art? Nada. But we thought that you would enjoy a laugh today.

I think that the way that NBC handled the whole situation was a big mistake. Not just ethically but strategically. Conan (like it or not) represents a generation that is quite simply out of Jay Leno’s grasp.

Instead of focusing entirely on the ratings numbers, they should have moved Leno out to pasture and used Conan’s internet momentum to build a success instead of starting from scratch. It was a bad move because it showed the world that NBC has got one foot in the past while modern comedy media marches on.

Conan O’Brien premiers his new show tonight on TBS and like a red haired phoenix from the ashes, so too shall this 7 foot tall Irishman rise. Up yours Leno.

Check out this charming spot for American Express – a brand that is hitching it’s wagon early.



Vector Poster – Headphone Chimp by Steez

At $3.95, this poster has tow great things going for it. What’s the second thing you ask? It’s got a monkey wearing headphones. Are you not paying attention.

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