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Want to get ahead? Be on time.

Expect the same of others


Tick Tock You Don’t Stop

I’m sure there are a few Business Resolutions that are already fading fast out there. Don’t worry, that’s natural. But if I could recommend just one thing to you this year, it’s this:

If you want to make serious change in your life,
start by being on time.
Expect the same of those you do business with.

Now, I’m not talking about running red lights to prove something to yourself. Start by just simply planning ahead and leaving with enough time to get where you need to be safely. If you are calling in, make sure that you figure out conference pass codes in advance. You don’t want to be the one “fumbling nervously” into a meeting. Instead, be the one waiting for the show to start.

It’s not easy

Especially when your own schedule is at the mercy of so many uncontrollable factors.
That’s the puzzle. Your challenge is to be on time in spite of those things. In doing so, you begin to subconsciously tame your schedule. It becomes easier.

Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it and see.
No wait…

I double dare you.