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Buy Vector Solar Energy Family Home


Buy Vector Solar Energy Family Home

Gardening – Applying the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Nature


When Mother Nature sends you a friend request –
Accept it.

Entrepreneurs take chances. They roll the dice. They plant seeds and keep an eye on things. Applying these principals to growing something can do marvellous things for your mental and physical health. Not to mention a few raised eyebrows from the lady who walks her dog by your house every day.


Social Networking from the Heavens

Working from Home is not for everyone. But for those who make it work, the things you have to do, slowly become the things that you want to do. Not sure how. They just do.
A little time in “the dirt” gives your professional passions that positive “bump” when you need it the most.
Even “chores” like cleaning the garage, or raking some leaves, become little customized puzzles that lead to great rewards and feelings of self-accomplishment. It’s all in how you look at it. Adjust your perspective accordingly.
You will also find that it clears some of the clutter in your mind, making you more prepared to tackle other challenges.

Luck favours the prepared


Waste Not Want Not – Eco friendly bag from Lee

Allot of thought has gone into this simple retail bag. It’s more than just a means to carry home a pair of Lee jeans. It also has life well beyond the sale. Creative application and a positive branding message about the company’s environmental stance. Very fun.

“With the relevance of eco-friendly initiatives increasing every day, Lee wanted an innovative solution that would display their affiliation towards the same and also spread the message amongst their customers.
To drive the message home in a fun and effective way, we went for something a bit more inventive than just a bag made of recycled paper. The ‘Never Wasted’ shopping bag that can be reused in one way or another. Some for fun, some for function, but nothing ever goes into the trash. Not only did this make the idea long-lasting and interactive but also conveyed the message in a fascinating manner. Word spread, footfall increased and the initial production of 3000 bags went on to another 10,000.”

See and read more here.
Source: Lovely Package

Vector art print – The Green Lady by Stan Chow

The Green Lady, originally uploaded by Stan Chow.

The Green Lady

A tribute to Vladimir Tretchikoff

Own this beautiful portrait for your wall today. Stan Chow has once again produced a stunning work of vector art that we just adore. Support the art and the artist now.

Prints available.

Vector regal name plate

Now you may not be royalty, but there is absolutely no reason why you can’t fake it a little. Start by adding some text to this exquisite name plate design. It comes complete with regal lions and a few fancy flourishes. God save the Queen.


You better believe it. Every second you waste laying in front of the TV or surfing around on the internet is a waste of your…wait a minute. Except for the time you spend on Vectorvault of course. That’s time well spent.

Here’s a great little illustration of an alarm clock with a dollar sign on it. It symbolizes the urgency to make your time count this year. Get productive and turn those dreams into reality. Take a closer look here.

Lots more time savers on the VECTORVAULT: STORE.


Toronto, Canada

Fashion Cares is one of the most incredible HIV/AIDS fund raisers in North America. Their impact on the fight against this terrible disease has been known for over 20 years.Since 1987, Fashion Cares has raised nearly $10 million dollars for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. As this annual event enters its third decade, expect plenty of new fashion, new faces and a fascinating new location. With more drama, more fabulous fashion and even more exceptional entertainment, this year’s gala promises to be bigger and better than ever.

“Canada’s largest AIDS fundraiser…has simply become one extraordinary event, imagine Halloween, a high school prom and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one!”

Toronto Star

“Fashion Cares has evolved way beyond a fashion show — it’s more like an entertainment spectacle.”

Eye Weekly


Every year a new theme is selected (This year is PEEP). 2005’s theme was Hollywood Bollywood.This is an ad that ran in the show’s program. It tastefully merges the AIDS ribbon with a compassionate image of an Indian female.The quote in the ad reads:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Ghandi

An appropriate sentiment that is even more true today.