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Bird Christmas Cards by Ben the Illustrator


Vector Holiday Birds Bring Joy

Why post a “Tweet” when you can hand someone a card that is “Tweet-tacular”? Ben the Illustrator has created these charming holiday bird cards that are just in time for the Holiday Season – Like it or not people, that time is here.

Chirp Chirp.Source: NotCot

About Ben:

I believe that nature makes people feel good. I have an affinity with nature; trees, flowers, animals, birds, streams, oceans, rainbows, mountains, grass, you get the picture. I believe that our natural surroundings and the creatures that live in them can ignite truly wonderful feelings within us. My professional work is deeply related to my passion for our fascinating natural world, and the emotions evoked by it. I aim to translate my feelings into visual artwork. I like to excite and inspire, to feed people fresh artwork and a fresh view on nature. Nature makes people feel good. That is why I am an illustrator.

My ‘Fluid Animals’ series has developed over time, studying a wealth of nature’s greatest, most interesting and most popular natural creatures and I am now very pleased to have brought together my artworks for calendars and cards
Speaking of birds – Check out this

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Looking for some Hope for Humanity? Ride the train with us...

YIU Studio holiday card

origami holiday card YIU Studio holiday card

“A multi-piece card consisting of 3 outer boxes and an origami fortune teller in the middle. I designed, illustrated, wrote copy and letterpressed the end result. Was sent out as a studio promotional piece as well as a New Year’s card. Really needs to be seen in person to appreciate.”


Christmas Vectors – FREE VECTOR SAMPLES

HO HO HOLIDAY VECTORS – ‘Tis the Season for vector art

Everyone knows that Christmas is heading this way like a galloping herd of reindeer. There is no stopping it. And as a designer / vector illustrator, regardless of your own faith, one thing is for sure: At some point someone will be asking you to designs something for the holidays.
Move through your projects with some Holiday designs that were developed to save you time and money.

Check out VECTORVAULT’s own jolly Vector Christmas pack. Surely there is something here to put in your stocking:

free christmas vectors

free christmas vectors




Oh, and in case I forget: Happy Holidays.

Happy Valentine’s Day…I guess

Love is a funny thing. It can make you do wonderful things as well as drive you nuts. So there’s no surprise that some people use the “L” word with caution.

Designer Nick Schmitz knows this all too well. That’s why he has created this adorable poster entitled: “Pretty Sure“. This Valentines day, why not give your sweetheart a gift that tells them how you really feel – sort of.

Pretty Sure is a hand-pulled screenprint measuring 18″ × 24″ on #65 Cover Pop-Tone Wild Cherry Red Stock by French Paper Co. An edition of 50 prints have been made; each piece being slightly unique to the next. Each piece is signed and numbered.

Pretty Sure will travel by USPS Priority Mail in plenty of warm packaging (a study 5″ tube to maximize ruggedness and minimize curling) to protect her while she’s on her journey to her new home. If you would like her to travel a different way, email me and I will be happy to to discuss alternative shipping options.