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Hybrid-Home Limited Edition Prints

Hybrid-Home was born out of a need for fun and stylish home accessories at reasonable prices. A friendly approach to modernism. It started as a hobby for designer Dora Drimalas while living in Portland where she made small pillows for her apartment. Since then, Dora has incorporated her love of modern interiors with her graphic sensibility to create timeless accessories that warm up a room.

Dora Drimalas is half of a husband and wife team, as well as the principals at Hybrid Design in San Francisco, Ca. They spend each day and night together, somehow managing to get along better because of it. Their award-winning work has been featured in numerous design books, annuals, and trash cans around the world. In addition to Hybrid Design, Brian is half of Super7 Media, which includes Super7 Magazine, Super7 store in San Francisco, and Super7 toys, which recently released it’s first set of toys: The Neo-Kaiju Project. Brian also has his own line of clothing, Allies of the R:Evolution (R:E). Dora has recently launched her own line of housewares, Hybrid-Home, which currently has 15 different pillow designs. In between these projects, they show artwork in shows from California to New York, and Oregon to Spain. Their two cats miss them very much and wish they would come home soon.

These limited edition silk screened prints are a great way to liven up any space. They are all hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Source: hybrid-design