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Book Trailer – Unventional: Ideas Too Good To Patent

by Tom Giesler

Years ago when Vectorvault was just getting started, we discovered Tom’s work. As an accomplished patent illustrator, he had already achieved a great deal of respect. Technical drawing is a specialized form of illustration that draws upon several disciplines. And Tom is very good at it.
Trust me. I’ve tried my hand at it. It can be challenging.

Big Fans

His new book looks amazing.

But it was Tom’s whimsical images that captured our attention. His artwork has shown that technical work can have personality and in the case of his new book: create smiles.

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This book makes a perfect addition to any virtual bookshelf and a great gift too.
It’s available on Amazon and through the Apple iBooks Store
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Justin Mezzell – Fortune Magazine Illustration

Justin Mezzell,  Orlando, FLA.

Justin Mezzell

Dashing Automotive Illustration

This vector editorial illustration really caught our eye. Not just for the composition, but the wonderful colours bathed in sunlight. This is not an easy technique. It’s real and not real at the same time. The sign of a truly wonderful vector illustration. Well done.

Justin Mezzell has created this illustration for Fortune magazine on the future of the automobile’s dashboard which called out a number of new features such as large screen, interactive HUDS, video calls, etc. Not necessarily making it safer, but definitely flashier.

Art Director: Michael Solita

Nelson Mandela Editorial Portrait by Adam Jarvis

Nelson Mandela
A Tribute.


Biggie Smalls Tribute


(VIDEO) Documentary Short about Illustrators – PBS

Illustrators articulate what a photograph cannot. Using an array of techniques and styles, illustrators evoke stories and meaning in a variety of mediums, from editorial illustration in magazines and newspapers, to comics books, to activist media. And as their tasks over the years have become less informational and more expressive, their individual voice as artists becomes all the more critical and beautiful, revealing an exciting and awe-inspiring age of illustration.

via BoingBoing

“Life of Pi” an Adorably-Mathematical Tribute (Video)

Ian Summers is one of the many talented vector artists who have taken time to contribute vector art to the Vectorvault Flickr Group.
This one is by far our favourite. Well done Ian.

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Waterville, Maine – by Mike Dornseif

Mike Dornseif has never been to Waterville, Maine. But that did not stop him from imagining what it would be like.

“… to be honest I never even heard of it before. But after reading about it a bit it sounds like the place is super rich in history and has a lot of pride for community. So I think I have put it on my “to visit” list. Plus the name alone just sounds fun!”

Learn more about Mike here.



Vector Food by Evgeniy Ivanov


We have been watching Evgeniy Ivanov for some time now. He is one of the most realistic vector illustrators with an eye for very subtle details. Take a moment to learn more about this rare talent.

Check out his portfolio on iStock Photo.


My name is Evgeniy Ivanov. I’m a fulltime freelance artist specializing in graphic design and 2D illustration. I have over ten years’ experience working with digital graphics. During this time my work has encompassed newspaper design, web design, flash animation, brand identity, web services and mobile application development. In 2007 I started selling my illustrations through microstock. Since August, 2008 I have been contributing my stock graphics exclusively to iStockphoto and Getty Images. At the moment, most of the illustrations you see in my portfolio are available for purchase under Royalty-Free License…