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Vector Illustrations – Bad Dudes – Adam Sidwell

Adam Sidwell took weekly requests to illustrate “Bad Dudes” from all the different corners of pop culture. The results speak for themselves.



Vectorvault Newsletter September 2011

Autumn is a “Season of Change”. And here at Vectorvault, the leaves are certainly turning colours.
Once again, we have raked up some fine examples of vector art innovation and creativity.
We hope that they inspire you to express yourself in creative ways. Enjoy.

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Walk In The Cherry Garden

Walk In The Cherry Garden, originally uploaded by Oksancia.

Vector illustration of a cute Japanese girl Haruka in a beautiful cherry garden. Third in my “Cherry Garden” series.

Copyright 2010 Oksancia (Oksana Pasishnychenko).

Prints are available. So, what are you waiting for?

VECTORVAULT : STORE launches premium illustrations

This year, Vectorvault is setting it’s sights high (as you should be as well). The launch of VECTORVAULT PREMIUM ILLUSTRATIONS marks a turning point for this young brand.

Your feedback asked for colorful, detailed vector stock imagery that would turn some heads. So, over the coming weeks, we’re releasing a steady stream of quality Royalty-Free vector illustrations.

Our prices are competitive and our intentions are honorable. We want to give you the tools that will help you turn a profit and solve challenges fast.

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This store was built for you. Bookmark it, and visit often.


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