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Ramayana: Divine Loophole

Artist and veteran Pixar animator Sanjay Patel lends a lush, whimsical illustration style and lighthearted voice to one of Hindu mythology’s best-loved and most enduring tales. Teeming with powerful deities, love-struck monsters, flying monkey gods, magic weapons, demon armies, and divine love, Ramayana tells the story of Rama, a god-turned-prince, and his quest to rescue his wife Sita after she is kidnapped by a demon king. This illustrated tale features over 100 colorful full-spread illustrations, a detailed pictorial glossary of the cast of characters who make up the epic tale, and sketches of the work in progress. From princesses in peril to gripping battles, scheming royals, and hordes of bloodthirsty demons, Ramayana is the ultimate adventure story presented with an unforgettably modern touch.

Ramayana: Divine Loophole

About the Author:

Sanjay Patel is the author of The Little Book of Hindu Deities and is an animator and storyboard artist for Pixar Animation Studios, where he has worked on numerous films, including Monsters, Inc.; A Bug’s Life; Toy Story 2; Ratatouille; The Incredibles; and Toy Story 3. He has also worked on The Simpsons for Fox and with legendary cartoonist John K., creator of Ren and Stimpy.

Ramayana: Divine Loophole

(video) INSPIRATION – Conan O’Brien American Express Commercial

What does this have to do with vector art? Nada. But we thought that you would enjoy a laugh today.

I think that the way that NBC handled the whole situation was a big mistake. Not just ethically but strategically. Conan (like it or not) represents a generation that is quite simply out of Jay Leno’s grasp.

Instead of focusing entirely on the ratings numbers, they should have moved Leno out to pasture and used Conan’s internet momentum to build a success instead of starting from scratch. It was a bad move because it showed the world that NBC has got one foot in the past while modern comedy media marches on.

Conan O’Brien premiers his new show tonight on TBS and like a red haired phoenix from the ashes, so too shall this 7 foot tall Irishman rise. Up yours Leno.

Check out this charming spot for American Express – a brand that is hitching it’s wagon early.



Vector Illustration – Breitling Watch


Manojnk is an incredible vector illustrator and graphic designer based in India. This ultra-realistic Breitling watch has all of the details of a high resolution photograph.
Drop him a line and tell him just how great he is:

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Toronto, Canada

Fashion Cares is one of the most incredible HIV/AIDS fund raisers in North America. Their impact on the fight against this terrible disease has been known for over 20 years.Since 1987, Fashion Cares has raised nearly $10 million dollars for the AIDS Committee of Toronto. As this annual event enters its third decade, expect plenty of new fashion, new faces and a fascinating new location. With more drama, more fabulous fashion and even more exceptional entertainment, this year’s gala promises to be bigger and better than ever.

“Canada’s largest AIDS fundraiser…has simply become one extraordinary event, imagine Halloween, a high school prom and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one!”

Toronto Star

“Fashion Cares has evolved way beyond a fashion show — it’s more like an entertainment spectacle.”

Eye Weekly


Every year a new theme is selected (This year is PEEP). 2005’s theme was Hollywood Bollywood.This is an ad that ran in the show’s program. It tastefully merges the AIDS ribbon with a compassionate image of an Indian female.The quote in the ad reads:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Ghandi

An appropriate sentiment that is even more true today.

DAVINDER – 40 years of Funk

New Delhi, India

Davinder is an international superstar. This year marked her 40th year in the biz. Here is the brand developed to commemorate her dramatic rise to the top of the Indian pop charts.Her albums are like Hot Buttered Chicken wrapped in pure Indian soul. •


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