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Vector Packaging Design: Yellow Jacket BBQ Sauce


“Here’s a peek at a packaging project that is currently in the works for Saltwater Marsh Bar-B-Q. A small group of Florida students have been contemplating their own line of Bar-B-Q sauces & needed a little help with the branding portion of thier project. Their open minds, motivation & enthusiasm have made the labeling work a lot of fun… I don’t think I’ve ever met a group students that have been more oganized & on top things… it’s great! We still have a few tweaks here & there to make, but I’m so stoked about how the design is shaping up that I couldn’t wait to post the progress. Hope you enjoy!”

Designed by Kendrick Kidd

The Dieline via Notcot

Vector spider

Hands down – my biggest fear is running into a big hairy spider like this vector illustration. The Goliath Spider for example is as big as a dinner plate and eats birds. Now just imagine strolling through the jungle when one of those little darlings falls from the trees and lands on your head like a hat….I’m feeling faint just typing this. I’m going to lie down.

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