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NOT FOR THE OFFICE! : Conan the Barbarian movie review

Conan the Barbarian

In my opinion Conan the Barbarian (1982) is one of the best movies ever made. What’s that – you laugh?

With the release of the new trailer of the 3D remake, I can’t help but to say:

“Why Hollywood? Have you run outta ideas? Every TV show and successful movie under the sun has been redone with mediocre effort. *And just a side note – In two years, 3D cinema will be about as cool as “rollerblades”. You don’t have to do them all in 3D. Take it back a notch.”

The original Conan is a cult gem. One that should be revisited not remade.

Based on the genius of Frank Franzetta‘s artwork, the character of Conan is brought to life by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.
The screenplay was written by Oliver Stone and produced by Dino De Laurentiis. Not so funny anymore is it?

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Inspiration – Matthew Leibowitz, 1965.

In the mid-60s, General Dynamics commissioned American graphic artist Matthew Leibowitz (1918-1974) to create a public relations film to attract potential employees in such areas as mathematics, engineering, physics, aerodynamics and aeronautics. The artist integrated the symbols of the fields of research to present the concepts in a highly abstract manner. The film titles were also used in lectures on aeronautics and space research.

Matthew Leibowitz is best known for creating designs that displayed an intuitive visual intelligence. Born in Philadelphia, he set up his freelance business in 1942. Firms he worked with included Container Corporation of America, General Electric, IBM and RCA. His work is displayed in a number of museums. More about Leibowitz can be found in this essay from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Matthew Leibowitz, A Legendary Modernist.

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(Video) Corning’s view of the future

Imagine a “Day made of Glass“. Corning has re-imagined the future with products that are utopian and marvellous. It really makes tomorrow look extraordinary. Optimistic and well-executed. Vector interfaces everywhere!
I thought these guys made dishes?

You may also find this one interesting:
Microsoft Surfacevideo-survival-sea-turtle

VIDEO Inspiration: “Cold War” by Janelle Monae

What does this have to do with vector art? Well, nothing really. But ask yourself where your inspiration comes from these days? Are you running low?
Then suddenly this track becomes of paramount importance.
Listen to the lyrics and look into Janelle Monae‘s eyes. They harpoon directly into your soul to pour truth.

Watch it twice. It’s just that nice.

“This is a cold war. Do you know what you’re fighting for?”


I’ve spent a large part of my life trying to impress others with my ability to solve puzzles and then serve them up as award-winning visuals. That’s no longer the case. Now that I have broken from my stylish cubicle into the real world, I know what’s important to me.
Vectorvault is not a website. It’s a container for me to fill with things and people that inspire me.

This community keeps growing and along with it a purpose. I plan to see it out to it’s glorious fruition. Whatever that may be.

Don’t build a portfolio for the sake of getting more work to fill a portfolio. That’s an unbreakable cycle to some.
Inject passion and disregard those who don’t see you for what you are.

I love this song. I hope you dig it too.


Still not convinced?

“Cold War” by Janelle Monae