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(Video) Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose

Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose

(Video) Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose

The irony of this post, is that the method of delivery is the very thing that has robbed us of our connection. I remember life before the internet. It will never be that way again.


Here is an interview featured in Incubus’ Choice. Akiza is a character that immediately conjures an emotional response. We were captivated by this silent and simple arrangement of images and wanted to draw your attention to it. It’s dark and friendly and seems to form very naturally for this talented artist. Enjoy.


What message(s) do you want to express through your work ?

My pictures are the message, I prefer to show them…

What are your sources of inspiration ?

Typography and calligraphy, Japan, Giger, Hello Kitty, bondage, suspensions, body modifications, Fakir Musafar, icons, Chinese politic posters, Obey Giant, Otto and his dictature, symbolist painters… I have discovered afterwards Tetsuo by Shinya Tsukamoto and I loved it.

What have you gained by being on the internet ?

A lot of contacts, quite some visibility and a pathological interest in my site’s statistics.


Akiza has begun under strong technical constraints relatively to the inking: in what extend those constraints were creative of a freedom ?

I have decided to keep those constraints because they fit me well. I do not need colors to express myself, they are rather a brake to me, a constraint to work in colors. Without them, I feel freer and more efficient. I would rather speak of rules of the game. They are here to guide me, they help me to create strong and recognizable pictures. Those rules, and particularly the exclusive use and black and white, represent a huge space of freedom to devote myself to the main thing, a pleasant pause compared with my work as a graphic artist, and a technical easiness for the printing and the weight of the pictures on the internet.