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Vector IOS Icons by Davide Baratta

Rome, Italy

Davide Baratta has a talent for taking everyday tech objects and squishing them into small IOS Vector Icons. It’s a gift.
Take a closer look at the detail on these and then explore the artist’s portfolio.




Roberto Mattiucci – Vector poster designs from Italy

Rome, Italy

Roberto Mattiucci (aka the_scientist) has been an active Anchorpoint member since March 2008. This 32 year old is an accomplished graphic designer and digital illustrator with a special knack for poster design and a flare for vector art. It is obvious that he a has a passion for great music and emerging bands. Most of his work is aligned with artists who seem to push boundaries off of the mainstream charts.

robert mattiucci italian poster design


Italy has no shortage of mind blowing talent. Roberto is in good company with Anchorpoint members DolceQ, Alberto Seveso and Giulia Ballador. There seems to be a genuine appreciation for classic design with a sense of simplicity. This Italian community seems to feed off of each other’s talent.

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Take a moment to visit Roberto’s site. He has many more examples that we are certain you will find inspiring. We’re honored to have his support of Vectorvault and hope that we can bring you more of his portfolio as it develops.



Alberto Seveso – Merging photos and shape


Sometimes with art, it is the absence of something that gives it substance. Italian illustrator Alberto Seveso has taken this notion to heart by developing a style that seems to let your imagination fill in the blanks.
His work has graced countless international magazines and given him the forum to explore the marriage between illustration and photography.

alberto_vectorvault_3.gif Alberto Seveso vector art and photography blended mash up vectorvault alberto_vectorvault_1.gif Alberto Seveso italian vector artist graphic designer

Take a moment to visit Alberto and let him know what you think about his work.


Rome, Italy
DolceQ is Massimiliano and Sonia, a creative duo hailing from the city of Rome, Italy. DolceQ is a sexy lovely world where butterflies, hearts, stars and women live together in a minimal, erotic futuristic style. The pair work across a huge range of projects, from music videos, art shows, designer furniture through to designer toys.

Their style is sexy, seductive and very popular. We were immediately captured by the sultry subject matter and could not wait to share their work with the ANCHORPOINT community.

Selected clients include: Computer Arts, Arena Magazine, IdN International designers’ network, Coca-Cola, Shufflesome, Play Imaginative, Posterlounge, Pimpmyscoota. During the International design contest sponsored by Coca-Cola Company and Play Imaginative (2007), of 4,000 combined entries received from 17 countries, Massimiliano Panzironi’s custom designed “Passione” was selected as one of only 15 winning designs.

Selected press include: Taschen Illustration Now 2, Web Design Index 7, 1001 Face Digital Art, IdN 15th Anniversary Book, Idea Magazine, Defish Magazine, IdN-international design network magazine, Computer Arts Projects, Arena Magazine, Urban.

The couple has exhibited in Los Angeles, Taipei, Singapore, London, Rome, and has participated to Design Festa – Tokyo. Latest events include an exhibition at MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile in December 2007, and a current group show at Nova 535 gallery, Tampa Bay (Florida). Upcoming events include a set of group exhibitions in Italy (Rome – Milan).


We had a chance to interview them in both English and Italian. Scroll down for the Italian version.

Anchorpoint: Woman are obviously a huge influence on your work. What kind of women inspire you?
DolceQ: Actually I don’t know, I don’t have any favourite type. I like drawing the beauty in general and women are beautiful, every woman is beautiful when she preserves her femininity.

Anchorpoint: What are some of the most challenging projects you have worked on recently?
DolceQ: We developed the whole scenography for a music video together with Madonna’s video director, attended the Design Festa meeting in Tokyo, designed a trexi in collaboration with Play Imaginative and Coca Cola, and at the moment we are working on a set of collabs with some important international companies we can’t still talk about 😛

Anchorpoint: Why do you choose to work in vector art?
DolceQ: With vector art you can work everywhere and in every situation, only using a computer. I’d love to paint, silk screen and experiment various techniques, but in the end I believe the technique doesn’t really matter. What matters is the message, what you want to communicate and even more what the audience thinks you are communicating. Don’t you think that if Klimt have lived nowadays and had a mac he would have use it?!

Anchorpoint: What are some of the advantages and challenges of working in Rome?
DolceQ: Advantages and challenges can be put on the same level: coexisting with a city with 2000 years of history is amazing, but sometimes the risk is to think too much of the past and too little of the present. This is the reason why it’s difficult to pioneer new forms of art in Rome. On the contrary those cities which don’t have a past like Rome can be creatively more free, with the tendency to accept new forms of expression and/or innovation.



Giulia Ballador – PORTFOLIO

Milan, Italy

I’m afraid we have very little information about this talented information. One thing that we can tell you is that they have a flare for gradient mesh. This vector illustrations are an incredible example of realistic skin tones and lighting. This is the bio information available in their website:

English: Giulia Balladore is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Italy currently working in Milan.
Juniatwork is her online portfolio started in 2002.

Italian: Giulia Balladore è illustratrice e graphic designer, vive e lavora in Italia.
Juniatwork è il suo portfolio online inaugurato nel 2002. •

To view more incredible work visit the online portfolio.
To express your thoughts directly (in Italian would be nice) click here.