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Vector 619 has got the “Kofuu” – You haven’t heard?

Las Vegas, Nevada

vector 619 vectorvault Kofuu

We are fans of Vector 619. You should be too.

There’s a nice artistic tone going on with all of their work. It feels doodled out with some stunning geometry and a dash of graffiti. I can’t put my finger on it – but this one really touches me. I would love to have a gigantic framed print in my hallway. Just magnificent.

Get to know these cats. They got “style” – and the “stylus skills” to match.

Vector Giclée Print “Princess”

Anyone out there watch G-Force AKA: Battle of the Planets?



London, UK

Takashi Irie is a Japanese web designer/developer and graphic designer, based in London. He graduated BA (Hons) Multimedia Arts in 2007, and at the same time, worked for a multimedia production company on a work placement basis for over twelve months. His website is a testament of his talent and his eye for detail.Please take a look at his website.
In addition, Takashi has also included complementary vector collections. You can link to the downloads by clicking the images below.



Keep watching out for this young talent. I am certain that you will be hearing more from him. •