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Inspiration – Matthew Leibowitz, 1965.

In the mid-60s, General Dynamics commissioned American graphic artist Matthew Leibowitz (1918-1974) to create a public relations film to attract potential employees in such areas as mathematics, engineering, physics, aerodynamics and aeronautics. The artist integrated the symbols of the fields of research to present the concepts in a highly abstract manner. The film titles were also used in lectures on aeronautics and space research.

Matthew Leibowitz is best known for creating designs that displayed an intuitive visual intelligence. Born in Philadelphia, he set up his freelance business in 1942. Firms he worked with included Container Corporation of America, General Electric, IBM and RCA. His work is displayed in a number of museums. More about Leibowitz can be found in this essay from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Matthew Leibowitz, A Legendary Modernist.

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