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(VIDEO) Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface® platform brings people together to connect, learn, and decide. It enables experiences that change the way people collaborate and connect with a 360-degree interface. And, with PixelSense™, Microsoft Surface sees and responds to touch and real world objects—supporting more than 50 simultaneous inputs.

This experience comes to life in the new 40 inch Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface that can be used as a table, on the wall, or embedded in other fixtures or furniture.

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FREE VECTOR DOWNLOADS – Issara Willenskomer

We found this wonderful collection of vector art files on Issara Willenskomer‘s personal portfolio site. He has worked on projects for such clients like MTV, Microsoft, HBO, Motorola, ESPN, Target, Fanta, Baskin Robbins, and more. His portfolio ( is very impressive.Here is what he had to say about his vector collections:

“It seems that I spend a lot of time sourcing various elements. When I started designing, I was creating tons of ‘detail’ pages, which were just Illustrator pages with tons of custom elements. Then I moved on to vector textures, and most recently I’ve wrapped up a bunch of vector drips. I find these elements to be extremely useful for a variety of purposes, and I hope you enjoy them as I have and will enjoy them: with relish!”Issara Willenskomer  

To download one of these collections for FREE simply click on the link below. Take a moment to drop Issara a line with your gratitude.

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