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Pros and Cons of Vector-based Motion Capture Software

Vector Technology in constant motion

Motion capture is a fast-changing area of recording and transcribing movement for digital purposes. Its uses extend across different industries. The medical industry uses motion capture technology to analyze the body, movement and the dynamics of motion. Sports scientists use motion capture to track individual movements and actions, with a view to deconstructing and analyzing the optimum way to perform. Animators use motion capture software to provide a much quicker representation of movement of the human form, while those in the video games industry are increasingly using motion capture to make their games more realistic. Whatever the functionality, many different industries are now reliant on motion capture to deliver 3D modeling of motion.

Growing very fast one anchorpoint at a time

But the technologies are still developing, and there are pros and cons to their use in different industries. While some people will swear by the advantages that motion capture systems can deliver, there are also downsides to be weighed up when considering how to most effectively make use of these kinds of software. So what are the pros and cons of using motion capture technologies, and is there room for improvement here?