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Big Tune by Lonewolf Album Artwork



Big Tune by Lonewolf Camio Recordings (UK)


Israeli Mizrachi Music Collector Cards – Alon Braier

Jaffa, Israel

Freelance illustrator Alon Braier has assembled this charming collection of 20 memorabilia cards and a poster celebrating some classic mizrachi music artists. Each beautifully vector illustrated card features bios and a selected discography on the back.

For someone who knows very little about this music genre, I am certainly interested in finding out more. Funny how art does that.
Learn more about Alon’s work here.
Artist website.

Alon is a member of the Vectorvault Behance Group. That’s how we discovered his incredible talent.



ENSAMBLE – Moxy Creative


Why not take a stroll the the walk in closets of Moxy Creative today. It seems that have managed to capture the essence of some of the greatest music legends, with merely a pair of slacks some sequins and the odd pair of high heel boots.

Vector simplicity meets pop-culture style observe:



Vector Animation – Sound Waves (video)

A dynamic journey of sound visualized dimensionally by motion artist Organic.

DJ Vector pack

“Shop Vac” by Jonathan Coulton (Video)

Jonathan Coulton has created a song that captures suburban life. The video is a creative blend of typography and vector illustrations animated to match the music. Enjoy:

shop vac video