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Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympics by MWM Graphics


Thirst-quenching vector goodness

With The London 2012 Olympic Games in full swing, we just couldn’t resist featuring yet another incredible vector series from Matt W. Moore. His self-proclaimed style of vector funk is sweeping the globe currently. A tremendous achievement that reinforces our instincts that the future of design lies with vector art. Well done. Read more.
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(VIDEO) Sharpie wielding robot makes vector posters


Drawing upon vector art

MWM Graphics (A.K.A. Matt W. Moore) has combined two of my favourite things: Vector art and Sharpie markers, to create beautiful works of geometric perfection. With the aid of a robotic arm, these vector graphics really come to life in a poster series that is nothing short of stunning. Visit their store for more information. In the mean time, wrap your eyeballs around this:

Isn’t geometry beautiful?

The write stuff

Robot Drawings! Aarn explains – “Vector graphics are converted into a tool path and then a machine language which controls a 3-axis CNC Machine retrofitted with a special fixture that holds a marker and mimics hand pressure during the act of drawing. Thirty-three mechanical drawings in three designs were produced using this process.” Each drawing comes with one of the Sharpies used and is shipped safe in a 4″ mailing tube. Created on beautiful French Dur-O-Tone 80lb paper and signed/numbered with pencil. Enjoy 🙂

game-thrones opening animation



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