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Vectorvault is Ten

I’ve spent a decade searching for the best vector art in the world. I wrote a short story about it.


Read the first chapter. Then decide whether it’s a tale worth your attention.
You might be surprised.

If you are reading this, then I’ve only got one thing to say to you:


You’re the reason we’re still here.

Vectorvault is 10


A decade of vector art

This year, Vectorvault celebrates 10 years of searching the world for the most inspiring and creative vector art. What an education. What a ride.

Now, this is not what I would call a “success story“. At least not in the traditional sense. In many ways this is a cautionary tale marinated in stunning digital art. Some of the best I could find.

So, who am I?

Just some guy.
You could look through my portfolio if you wanted or glance at my resume, but that won’t really tell you who I am. At times, I question it myself. To really know what makes me tick, you’ve gotta know what circumstances got me here.
I’m an artist disguised as a designer.
It’s a secret.


All I can tell you is that I’m a nice person who just wanted to leave something behind. That’s what Vectorvault is to me. Proof of my existence and my love for the exciting world of vector art.

This is a graphic design love letter. One filled with triumph and tragedy.


Once upon a time,


The Vectorvault Story

Vectorvault is Turning 10 this year

Recently, someone challenged me to tell them where Vectorvault came from. It actually is an interesting story and one that I feel is worth telling.

This is the story of how Vectorvault came to be.


The things that we do for Love

Read the first chapter. Then decide on whether you want to see where this story goes.