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Vectorvault Newsletter August 2012

vectorvault newsletter august 2012

Hot off the virtual presses

The August 2012 Vectorvault Newsletter is here, and it’s a good one. Take a moment to scroll through some inspiring content from the world of vector art. Please share it with others who you feel would enjoy it as well. Enjoy.
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Everybody loves free vector downloads. But just giving them away without a fight seems a little easy. That’s why we’ve created a little “Easter Egg Hunt” for you.
Hidden in the July Issue of The Vectorvault Newsletter are 8 vector downloads. All you have to do is do a little digging to find them. Along the way, we would appreciate a few comments and tweets.

So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

8 free vector downloads

8 free vector downloads


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Pulled from the Vectorvault Flickr group via: iceblingking.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it.