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VECTOR VIDEO: Ginger et Luna – Arthur de Pins

Paris, France –

Arthur de Pins is a genius. Plain and simple, his illustrations are so human and filled with subtle expression. I cannot begin to tell you just how amazing this guy’s portfolio is. He offers a series of sexy/cute posters, and several artbooks that showcase his infectious illustration style.  Get to know Arthur and his work.
Still not sold? Here are some Free Wallpapers that should set you straight.


He also works on some incredible animations. Here is one of my personal favs: Ginger et Luna:


Here is another animation that I just love. You can see that Arthur is a student of human subtlety. His characters are really alive. Even the ones that are not animated.

Arthur de Pins (French biography)

Elève dans un collège catholique privé de garçons, il se livre à un trafic de dessins de femmes nues en échange de cigarettes. Cela n’a pas vraiment changé depuis.

Alors qu’il est étudiant aux Arts-Décos de Paris, il s’achète ses cigarettes grâce à des petits boulots tels que caricaturiste en soirées ou en réalisant des flyers. C’est grâce à l’agence évènementielle Wombat que ses dessins de scènes de vie nocturne atterrissent dans les magazines (Max, Technikart) et que l’agence Lezilus lui ouvre ses portes (et les laisse ouvertes à cause de la fumée)

Après un bref passage dans le jeu vidéo en 2001, Le jeune Arthur se lance enfin dans l’animation grâce à l’impulsion de son premier court-métrage Géraldine. Pour son troisième court-métrage, « La révolution des crabes » il cesse un temps de fumer mais Les 54 prix remportés dans des festivals le propulseront sur la voie de l’adaptation ciné (prévue pour 2010). Comme tout réalisateur digne de ce nom, il se remet à fumer car il est très utile de faire des volutes quand on explique son scénario.

Depuis 2006, il fume clope sur clope aux dîners de bouclage de Fluide Glacial.
En 2008, il arrêtera théoriquement de fumer, en espérant ne pas trop mordiller le crayon de sa tablette graphique.

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SIREN by Hong Yu Cheng


Paris, France

I remember a time before video games when you had to use your imagination to keep yourself entertained. A cardboard box was the perfect fort. Well guess what kids – it’s coming back. Low tech, ethical, chic and great to play with, that’s the concept of the brand’s designer, Armelle Vetillard.

Do not underestimate children. This is the perfect canvas for little story tellers to thrive. Whether you are pretending to be a celebrity, bistro chef or mummy preparing a leg of lamb. There’s no end to the possible storylines with this contemporary theatre in reversible cardboard. These cardboard screens very quickly and easily become a game that has infinite possibilities.

It isasy to assemble, and very stable, the theatre consists of three sections which are printed on both sides; a floor-standing lamp and a cat on the living room side, and lots of fun utensils on the kitchen side! Plus, the television screen comes off and becomes a map of France to fill in on one side, and a drawing of a mini pop star on the other! And like a real theatre, your children can use their dolls or Action Man like puppets. Finished playing? The theatre folds up flat so it can easily slide under a bed or behind a cupboard.The theatre is made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, made in France.


Dimensions when erected: H: 126cm, L: 65cm, Side: 15cm
Dimensions when flat: 100x126x1.5cm

Learn more here.



Lyl – Foxy Vectors From France

Paris, France


We discovered Lyl in the myspace universe link. She has a strong following of fans that span the globe. Her sexy female characters have an anime-inspired look that really appeals to her generation. She was nice enough to answer her questions in both English and French as not to loose touch with her Parisian countrymen.Lyl is kind, smart and hard working. She draws inspiration from Parisian culture and tempers it with a playful mixture of design principles from around the world. Her work has been picking up speed and so we decided to catch her before she becomes a big star. Introducing: Lyl.—

Anchorpont:Tell us about yourself.

Lyl:The biography would be pretty short; I’m 26 years oldI use to draw since I was a kid but I think I never imagined I could make it my profession.Nobody in my family or friends was involved in any kind of artistic career, so when I was 18 I decided to start communication studies, it seemed more “reasonable” to everyone.I was ready to work as a press agent, but it appeared to me that I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else than drawing, so I just changed my mind.I’m a graduated graphic designer / illustrator since 2005, but I started to get really interested in street art and graffiti around 2002. From this moment, I kind of focused on pin-up characters, started to create stickers and to past it in the streets…Now, I’m working in Paris as a freelance illustrator, and spend my free time drawing sexy girls and looking for occasion to make them live.

La biographie sera courte, je n’ai que 26 ansJe dessine depuis que je sais tenir un crayon, mais je n’avais jamais imaginé que je pourrais un jour en faire ma profession.Personne dans ma famille ou mes amis n’évoluait dans une carrière artistique, alors à 18 ans, j’ai commencé des études de communication, ce qui semblait plus “raisonnable” à tout le monde.J’étais prête à travailler en tant qu’attachée de presse quand j’ai réalisé que je ne serais jamais heureuse si je ne dessinais pas, alors j’ai finalement changé d’avis.Je suis officiellement graphiste – illustratrice depuis 2005, mais j’ai commencé à m’intéresser à l’art de rue et au graffiti vers 2002. C’est à peu près à cette époque que je me suis concentrée sur les pin-up, j’ai commencé à réaliser des stickers et à les coller dans la rue…Maintenant, je travaille à Paris en tant qu’illustratrice freelance, et passe mon temps libre à dessiner mes sexy girls et à essayer de les faire vivre. Continued…