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VIDEO – Really: Windows Phone Ad

Thanks to DjLonewolf for scraping this one up for us. The two of us have argued back and forth over the years about Mac vs. PC. But one thing that we both agree on is that we must all try to pry ourselves away from the phone.

Apple went strong with their campaign to pull consumers in. While Windows is going the opposite way. I swore on the last hair on Steve Jobs head that I would never say this but: “I think that they are onto something”.

(Forgive me your eminence)

Vector mobile phone

As high-tech a chap as I am, I draw the line at my cell phone. Although I am fully aware that the mobile is the pc of the future – I don’t care. I have seen my best friend’s cell phone bill break 4 digits. That’s not going to be me. I’m fighting the future as long as possible.

I have an old school mobile. Not exactly one of those bricks from the eighties, but close enough. It has no call waiting or call display. I don’t download music or wallpapers, and I’ve never sent a text in my life. But it dials numbers and I have a fixed rate of $39 a month to use it.

It’s a matter of time before I cave and buy something flashy. But until then, I am more than pleased with my outdated little buddy.