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Fotolia Feature – Puck Illustrations

fotolia-puck-illustrations-search-buy-vector-artPuck Illustrations is one of the many contributors of vector art in Fotolia‘s vast image library. Here are a handful of examples of the quality and range. If you have a project that requires info graphics, charts or even a simple logo design. we suggest you take a closer look at this portfolio.
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Mark Anthony Media – Logos

Mark Anthony is one of our most active Anchorpoint members. He has recently updated his site and we wanted to let you know about it. Here are a few examples sof his logos designs from his new gallery. Take a moment to browse these new galleries and learn more about his services. Thanks for keeping us updated Mark.

mark anthony media logos

mark anthony media logos


“Mark Anthony Media was founded by Mark Anthony Rudder in January 2002 while still in school at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. While in school Mark had started doing work for a music video and film production company and at the same time doing freelance work for his own clients. At that time, Mark was creating logos, websites, DVD’s, multimedia CD’s and more for clients while learning the tools in school. Mark was the only student in his class learning new techniques each day and applying it to actual paying projects. While other students were struggling to finish homework, Mark was finishing his homework, finishing actual paying projects and making his clients money. Mark had developed a unique ability to learn new techniques at a rapid pace and then being able to apply them for his clients.

Mark Anthony Media now is an organization that services clients worldwide and is known for its innovative and efficient media solutions that companies not only want, but need — to bring their companies into consistent profitability.

Our company specializes in what we call Holistic Style Branding. Holistic Style Branding refers to the consolidation of interrelated mediums ranging from corporate branding, graphic design, multimedia, web site design and programming, web hosting, music production, video editing & motion graphics, advertising, marketing, photography, illustration, printing and fashion design.”

*Source: Mark Anthony Media