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Nelson Mandela Editorial Portrait by Adam Jarvis

Nelson Mandela
A Tribute.


Vector Angelina Jolie – Stan Chow

By Stan Chow
Print Shop


Vector Bob Marley portrait

bobmarley-wpap, originally uploaded by prayitnowidodo.

Bob Marley is the greatest superstar that this planet has ever known (take that Elvis). MJ came close, but Bob is on the level of a prophet not a pop star. His music transcends race, nationality and age.

Prayitnowidodo has created this amazing image that captures the smile that defined the Rastafari movement.

Great job.

Reattovect – Vector Portraits

Arica, Chile –

Reattovect is a vector portrait service from South America. basically they take a photo and convert it one click at a time into a vector masterpiece. Here is an example:


Vector portrait – James Bond

Newcastle, UK

Leero has created this fantastic portrait of Daniel Craig from Casino Royale. Now that the James Bond franchise has been given new life, we hope to see more vector art inspired by the films.
This illustration has used muted color tones to really bring it to life. Well done.

Shaken not stirred (come on now, you knew that was coming).

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See more of Leero‘s work here.