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Space Shuttle Discovery Print by Dave Cuvelot

Houston we have a masterpiece

Vector Illustrator Dave Cuvelot has launched (see what I did there) this stunning technical schematic of the legendary Space Shuttle Discovery.

Any space nut would love to see this stunning print on their wall. Check it out here.
Via NotCot


The White Whale, A Moby-Dick Inspired Illustration by Dan McCarthy

Thanks to Laughing Squid for this one.


BUY The White Whale, A Moby-Dick Inspired Illustration by Dan McCarthy

Moby, I can relate brother

There have been days that I have felt exactly like that. Like the tentacles of my life all over me – work, relationships, family. This illustration is dramatic and striking. Something about it really captured my attention.

Life Calendar records your emotions

How was your day? How about last week? Two Thursdays ago? – Are you sure?

The 365 days are represented by an emoticon that you have to draw as the day has gone (very good, good, regular, bad, very bad).

Vix-Graphix – Vector Art from Shanghai

Did it just get hotter in here?

Cheerleader Girl, originally uploaded by vix-graphix.

Shanghai, China

Exciting forms of creativity streaming out of the Far East these days. Magnificent t-shirts that I don’t understand – but love – and magazines that make your eyeballs hurt (in a good way).

It’s nice to see great vector art happening all over the world. If you are a vector illustrator and you have a Behance Portfolio, take a moment and join our group.
If you don’t have a Behance portfolio – you should. Trust me.