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Catsuit by Stan Chow

This is a great one color execution with a lot of soul. Stan has a fun and “frisky” approach to illustration. Check out more of his work on his Flickr gallery or his portfolio.


Originally uploaded by Stan Chow

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Bird silhouettes

Our friends at Bittbox know just what ruffles your feathers. They consistently pump out useful tutorials, interviews and enough freebies to choke an ostrich. 

Here is another generous giveaway. If you have not already – stop what you’re doing right now and bookmark their site. They are the Obi wan to our Luke Skywalker and we think they’re pretty terrific.


birds silhouettes in flight vector download

birds silhouettes in flight vector download

*Source: Bittbox

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Household objects

*YSR1 is a talented illustrator with a diverse portfolio. He is also generous. Here is a free vector download set. If you use it, please show some respect to the artist who provided it.

silhouette free vector art download files royalty-free vectorvault vectors vexels

*Source: vector4free