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First off. I cannot stand spiders. They are cold-hearted, vicious and straight-up ugly.
I’m a grown man. If my life was in danger, I could wrestle a rattlesnake to a grim death. But if a spider landed on my head, I would scream like a 12 year old girl and weep myself to sleep.
I would never condone hurting an animal – but I would never shed a tear over a spider. I don’t like them and they don’t like me. We have no treaty.

Here is a FREE VECTOR SPIDER. Do with it as you please.

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(VIDEO) Superheroes Hipsters by Caldwell Tanner


Let’s face it, super heros can be a little “douchie”. I mean all of that “look at me, I’m saving a lady from a burning building”. It’s a little much, no?
Caldwell Tanner takes these tight-wearing egomaniacs down a notch with a few clever renderings. Well done sir.



Vector spider

Hands down – my biggest fear is running into a big hairy spider like this vector illustration. The Goliath Spider for example is as big as a dinner plate and eats birds. Now just imagine strolling through the jungle when one of those little darlings falls from the trees and lands on your head like a hat….I’m feeling faint just typing this. I’m going to lie down.

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Sometimes, it just doesn’t need an explanation. Enjoy.

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*Source: Vector Park