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June 2008


Formal Transmission from VECTORVAULT™ headquarters.?

Status: Tremendous?

Forecast: Increased membership, quality resources, community development.

A warm hello from your friends here in Toronto, Canada. We are glad to have you aboard and feel grateful for your support of this unique project. Thanks. We have had an incredible 3 months since we re-launched in March of 2008. Every month has been better than the last. As a group we have accomplished some incredible things. We just wanted to mention a few of them.

Membership has swelled to over 4000. The expertise, craftsmanship and talent has shattered even our most lofty of expectations. You are the foundation.

Our steady traffic has been partially based on our daily free vector downloads, but our page view count indicates that a great number of you spend time here with us. It is an enormous compliment that we gladly accept with a smile.

The content has also kept pace with this highly specialized collective. We have received support from many high profile artists and designers. Our posts are becoming more engaging with a steady network of valuable resources who have also seen a sharp spike in their traffic as a result of you.


If you’re just here for the free downloads – bon appetite. If you are genuinely interested in assisting me with something challenging, then please read on. Continued…