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Stevie Wonder A Capella Cover – I Wish by Yeo Inhyeok

Sometimes it hard to stay focused on so many moving pieces

The trick is slicing each piece into it’s own task.Then putting them all back together again. Not as easy as it sounds. That’s for sure.
Whatever project you are wrestling with today, we hope that you find the clarity to move it closer to fruition.

Yeo Inhyeok knows all about it:


Multi-dimensional Talent

The Avengers interface design by Jayse Hansen

The Avengers interface design by Jayse Hansen


Vector Stevie Wonder Poster – Stan Chow

depositphotos-buy-vectors-search“Happier than the Morning Sun” is a great tribute to the musical genius Stevie Wonder. Once again. Stan Chow has used just the right amount of clicks to turn this one into a “hit”! Well done:

From our Flickr Group