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Vector Children’s Book Illustrations – “Eli No!”

Eli No! tells the story of one trouble-making dog and the one word that is never far behind. The book was designed and illustrated by Katie Kirk & Nathan Strandberg of Eighthourday.

I love this image of a very content Eli lying on the floor after enjoying a trash can buffet of popsicles and hexagon shaped eggs. Eli seems to be a real pear hater.  He left both of them untouched. We’ll atleast he passed on the bacon and butter. Maybe he has high cholesterol?

We always had a few dogs around the house when I was growing up and they would get into everything. Unfortunately most of it wasn’t food. They would try to eat sponges and large plastic things. I’d love to see a list of everything they managed to eat over the years.

Did Eli find a Jewish forest? Eli chases a speedy little squirrel through a forest of menorah shaped trees.

Eli No! is filled with bright fun graphics and beautiful layouts. I can see kids falling in love with this kooky troublemaker.

You can see more images of Eli No! here.

Source: grainedit