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Threadless t-shirts

T-shirts are walking vector art galleries

Very few do it better than Threadless. They seem to be a magnetic source for some of the best vector illustrators around and their success is no doubt magnified by the customers who gobble up these cotton billboards.
treadless The Yeti on Vacationby Malo Tocquer
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Take a closer look at Threadlesss

If you want to see what a decade of t-shirt design genius looks like, pick up the Threadless Book. It makes an excellent addition to your design library and a terrific gift for that person who has it all. Check it out:

Vector Book: Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts

Vector Book: Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts

Threadless on

SURGE Collection for Surge Polonia

T-shirt designs created for polish clothing company Surge Polonia. All designs are inspired by national Polish symbols and the most glorious moments in Polish history.

Fuse Collective and Adrian Knopik have taken Polish national pride to the next level with this series of vector based t-shirts. The detail and complexity are something to behold. Well done. I’m not even Polish, I wanna rock these!



Toronto, Canada –

At Vectorvault, we are constantly on the look out for brands that stand for something. It’s easy to say it, but often times large apparel manufacturers are more focused on quantity rather than quality. This is not the case here.

Yaudie (yaw-dee) is a line of quality apparel designed and produced by Toronto’s own Corwin Hall. A talented individual and a gentlemen among scoundrels.

Corwin and I met by chance. We were teamed up to work on the branding for RASTA – A Soul’s Journey. I got a great impression from him as a creative individual with a flare for collaboration. It most certainly gave the project advantage but also gave me some insight into his attention for detail. He treated the subject matter of Rastafari seriously, forgoing cliché approaches in favour of a regal representation. Why? Respect of course.

Yaudie is a rare blend of classic 70’s Jamaican cool with modern urban sensibilities. It’s a recipe that has struck a cord internationally with many celebrities, sports figures and individuals (like you) with great taste. Put your support behind this maverick label. Investigate the line for yourself. You will certainly turn a few heads.


T-shirts from “H, E, Double Hockey Sticks”

Now let’s face it, there are a thousand t-shirt companies out there. Most of them are building apparel lines that you can wear to a picnic and get a few people asking: “Where did you get that t-shirt from?” I suppose, that’s the desired effect that you’re looking for when shopping for a t-shirt. You want to get a reaction and the designers who produce it know this.

However, the crew over at T-shirt Hell are going for a few different reactions: disgust, astonishment and offended to name just a few. They are certainly zagging while the others go zig. Their line of shirts are for those who want to turn heads and in some cases drop jaws.

Not exactly the kind of thing you want to wear to a 3 year old birthday party, but there are a few that would fit right in with a group of questionable scoundrels. Some of these are pretty funny, some are terrible. You decide.

New T-shirt Designs from Sock Monkee

Chris Sandlin of Sock Monkee is a very active member of the Vectorvault Flickr community. He has a line of products that seem to attract quite a bit of attention these days. Perhaps it’s his graffiti style characters or maybe the humor that he injects into each stylish piece. Whatever it is, he seems to have found a formula that works.

Get to know this artist. Buy his shirts and support future work.

Vectorvault Tees – Identify yourself.

Vectorvault has grown quite a bit these last few months. In response, we’ve decided to offer up a couple of tee shirts for our members. Now you can look sharp around the studio, on campus or at some fancy occasion – they’re that sweet.

Ladies and gentlemen – Represent.*

*Warning: These are photographic representations of Vectorvault apparel. T-shirts may be considerably sexier than shown here.

NEATORAMA – T-shirts now available

Two things that you should know about us by now. The first is that we love vector art (that’s a given). The second is that we are huge fans of Neatorama. We have been on a steady diet of their brand of useful and useless delights for over a year now.

Recently, they launched an online store featuring some t-shirt created by some really great designers. There is no doubt that this collection will grow into something really amazing. Bookmark it now. Get in on the ground floor and for crying out loud purchase something so that you can show the world that you know what time it is.

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