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(VIDEO) “Kinect Flock” by Alex Wolfe and Ray Lin

Using the Xbox Kinect to produce interactive art instead of logging 82 hours on a first person shooter game is commendable in of itself.
See what the outcome looks like here.

Developed using Cinder + OpenNI + NITE +Xbox Kinect

Vix-Graphix – Vector Art from Shanghai

Did it just get hotter in here?

Cheerleader Girl, originally uploaded by vix-graphix.

Shanghai, China

Exciting forms of creativity streaming out of the Far East these days. Magnificent t-shirts that I don’t understand – but love – and magazines that make your eyeballs hurt (in a good way).

It’s nice to see great vector art happening all over the world. If you are a vector illustrator and you have a Behance Portfolio, take a moment and join our group.
If you don’t have a Behance portfolio – you should. Trust me.



Julia Bogoeva vector illustration – Porcelan


One of our members is a huge fan of Julia’s work. He asked us to take a look at her unique illustrations and introduce them to the ANCHORPOINT community. After taking a look at this piece entitled “Porcelan” we were immediately captured. She created it in CorelDraw X3.

Julia is a talented freelancer with a love for God, family and friends. Take a moment to look at her portfolio to learn more about this designer.


*Source: vectorway

Ultra-realistic papercraft motorcycle – Yamaha MT-01


Who has 84 hours of free time on their hands?

Yamaha is undoubtably an innovative brand. Their products are well designed and internationally respected in many fields. Now, thanks to this incredible MT-01 FREE vector download, they have the respect of vector artists everywhere. Behold:


This amazing work of art was created for motorcycle enthusiasts with patience. We can’t even imagine how long it would take to assemble one of these, but we’re dying to find out. More about the real MT-01:

The MT series is here to shake up the streets with a whole new style of sports riding. We call it Torque Sports and it’s all about uniting big-piston engines with sports chassis for a dramatic new riding experience. Our Torque Sport roadsters perform to a different kind of beat, like Japan’s legendary Kodo drumbeat, an earth-trembling expression of awesome latent power produced by massive bass drums.

The MT-01 and MT-03 are supreme products of our Art of Engineering philosophy – using cutting-edge technology to create motorcycles that harmonise perfectly with their riders. These machines feel like they’re alive, with pulsating low-rpm performance and taut, responsive handling that will get to you on every ride. The MT series – ride to a new rhythm.


This is a very inventive way for a brand to connect with it’s consumers. It really forces them to appreciate the elegance and complexity of their product’s design.

So, do you think that you have what it takes? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and fold one of these “bad boys” up? We dare you – Take that back – WE DOUBLE DARE YOU.


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