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Here are 4 free vector files offered by mujka. Big thanks. These are great.

square1_vectorvault.gif mujka pattern vector stamps free vector downloads square3_vectorvault.gif square4_vectorvault.gif


Skinizii offers a great lineup of skins for all types of iPod products. We were drawn in by their great designs and could not wait to share them with you. With designs from artists like Skaffs and Celso Junior, this stuff is bound to take off. If you have an iPod touch, this may be just what you’re looking for to make your deck stand out from the rest.

skinizii ipod touch skins vector art vectorvault

Learn more about Luke Feldman, the man behind Skaffshere.

Shepard Fairey – OBAMA’S POSTERBOY

Los Angeles, California

When the street artist and guerrilla marketerShepard Fairey got word from theObama people that they would welcome his contribution to the campaign, he knew what he wanted to create: a phenomenon.

All political art is propaganda (that is the point), but most political posters are bland, forgettable, wallpaper, like Fred Thompson on an off day. Fairey wanted something more iconic — aspirational, inspirational — and cool. In other words, he wanted to make posters that the cool cats would want. The 2008 Democratic primary season equivalent of the Che poster (with all that implies). More Mao, more right now. The kind of poster that might make its way onto dorm room walls of fanboys. The kind of poster that might sell on eBay, as a signed Fairey Obama recently did, for $5,900. He wanted his posters to go viral.


“I wanted strong. I wanted wise, but not intimidating,” Fairey says of the look for his Obamas. The agitprop pop art has become a must-have accessory among a certain subset of the candidate’s supporters, who have gobbled up more than 80,000 of Fairey’s posters and 150,000 postcard-size stickers since Super Tuesday.

Who is this Shepard Fairey? He is a skate punk — with a secretary. A CEO in Puma sneakers. The rebel who did Pepsi ads. If you live in a big city, including Washington, you have probably seen his handiwork. Since 1989, during his student days at the Rhode Island School of Design, Fairey has been slapping stickers and pasting posters depicting the face of the Andre the Giant, the deceased French actor and professional wrestler, on every available surface, legal and not. Fairey has spent two decades shimmying up lampposts and over chain-link fences in a tenacious public art enterprise, irony performed on a landscape scale. Thousands of his Andre stickers include the word “OBEY” in bold lettering. What are we dealing with here? Obey what? Obey whom? A giant from France? Aha. You have cracked the code. It is reverse psychology. ( Pssst! Don’t obey.)


FREE VECTOR DOWNLOADS – Geometric swirls

Here is yet another amazing vector download, compliments of your friends at Show your thanks and pay them a visit.

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File size :1.43 mb File format : Illustrator 8 .eps
Zip Password :

120 – Inspiring logos

The clever kids over at inspiredology have scoured the world for a collection of logos that are worth taken notice of. In a world so saturated with branding, great design seems to get lost. Every now and then we like to put the focus on the few who are doing it right. See all 120.

120 inspiring logos, branding vector art vectors vectorvault

•Source: inspiredology

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – A new perspective

Here is a free vector download from Take a moment to visit them and learn more about this great vector resource. Enjoy:

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File format : Vector Illustrator CS2 ai

FREE VECTOR DOWNLOAD – Geometric shape

Here is a very interesting and creative pattern offered by As the name suggests, they are graciously offering this freebie out of the goodness of their hearts. Take a moment to visit their site and make friends with these wonderful people.

File size : 42 kb File format : Illustrator 8 .eps
Zip Password :

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CANADA DAY FLYER – Using Vectorvault vectors

Toronto, Canada

Canada Day is a special time for many in the Great White North. On one hand it is a national celebration of this great country, and on the other hand it’s a terrific excuse for a great party.Our friends at United Force Productions have always used this occasion to throw some of the most legendary events. This year is no exception.

What has caught our attention this year is that they have chosen to design their invitations using the VECTORVAULT vector collection. The result’s speak for themselves.

“We needed to put together a flyer that would turn some heads, but we also needed to do it fast. The Vectorvault series we purchased really helped out. It was affordable, easy to use, fast to download and the quality was great. We’re really happy with the results. Highly recommended.”

Brent Richardson

United Force Productions

We are flattered. Thanks, and great job fellas!

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