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Waterville, Maine – by Mike Dornseif

Mike Dornseif has never been to Waterville, Maine. But that did not stop him from imagining what it would be like.

“… to be honest I never even heard of it before. But after reading about it a bit it sounds like the place is super rich in history and has a lot of pride for community. So I think I have put it on my “to visit” list. Plus the name alone just sounds fun!”

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Vector Video: World of Motion – Colin Hesterly

World Of Motion from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Colin Hesterly has crafted this elegant little montage of movement. My only critisism is that it is too short. I wanted it to go on forever.
Excellent audio design and a charming style that showcases his ability to tell stories with the least amount of information.