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(Video) Transparent Machines™

Transparent Machines™ from beeple on Vimeo.


(Video) Etereas / Animation Short film by Flaminguettes

Vector Art + Modern Dance = Beautiful.


(VIDEO) KN1GHT – Last Moon
Directed by Nicolas Pomet
Music & Sound Design : KN1GHT

(Video) MAKING Matters – Nike


(VIDEO) Greenpeace – British fishing industry

GREENPEACE from THIS IS Studio on Vimeo.

THIS IS Studio
Via Notcot

Vector Spotlight : Salt and Pepper : Porter Airlines

Toronto, Canada

You already know how we feel about Porter Airlines. We love the style of this Canadian Brand.
When other carriers are “phoning it in“, Porter takes service back the good ol’ days when travel itself was an adventure. And it works.

They make it fun. They celebrate destinations like Chicago with the right temperament of music and delightful vector animation. Toronto’s own Salt and Pepper are responsible for this charming spot, with social media touch points and apps to really make it fly.

Salt and Pepper:

A client referred Porter to us, with our initial assignment to create a single animation showcasing a new flight route. On the success of that piece, we were commissioned to create a series of animations to increase the strength of the Porter brand online, and send audience engagement soaring. Even with all the travel we put Mr. Porter through, he always arrives happy and ready for his next adventure – just like Porter’s passengers.

We wrote about Porter back in 2009, and then followed up again in 2011 when Vectorvault Members asked for an update. It’s a David and Goliath story that really gives faith to younger brands. They have successfully competed on service, price and marketing with some tough airlines. The cherry on top is an advertising campaign that consumers actually like and notice. In the North American Travel Market, that is no easy task.

The entire brand positioning is so well thought out and tailored to an audience that adores it. They keep it in step with friendly vector illustrations and clear messaging. Someone did their homework.

Now, if there is one thing that most people know about Torontonians, it is that
We are at war with the Racoons.
Of all the mascots they could have chosen, it took guts to go with a “nightime garbage bandit” to represent their brand. In Toronto, that’s risky. But it works. And although it is against my blood oath to say this:
That little racoon is adorable” – There. I said it.
Perhaps one day there will be peace among our peoples.

Now, I’m biased because our home base is also Toronto. Plus, we’re nuts about vector animation in general. It’s a one two punch. We could not resist.
This year, we have seen some incredible work come out of this city. This brand just so happens to be one of our favourites. One thing is for certain: We have Salt and Pepper on the Vectorvault Radar. You should too. Great work.


Porter flights take off from the heart of Toronto’s business and tourism districts. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport provides an unrivaled advantage for quick, easy, first class access for pilots and passengers.
If you are traveling in or out of Toronto, check with Porter first.
Unfortunately, traveling in style like this may just spoil you. You have been warned.

Watch the video from this 2009 Vectorvault post. Porter knows a few things about what makes travellers “tick”:

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL of Porter Airlines identity and branding was provided by Wink Creative

Vector Illustrations – Bad Dudes – Adam Sidwell

Adam Sidwell took weekly requests to illustrate “Bad Dudes” from all the different corners of pop culture. The results speak for themselves.