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Let the sun shine

But remember, in life, a little rain must fall:

Vector Illustration of a Man on Mobile Phone


Can you hear me now?

If you are looking for a flexible vector image of a guy talking on a mobile phone, this could be an option to consider.
Drawn on a tablet and then colourized in Illustrator. Unique and fresh.

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Vector Mobile Phone Call


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No credits required

Before the internet came along, Music was a tremendous creative force for me. Not that it isn’t present, it has just changed so much for me that I really am not certain where I fit.
I liked the fact that my Mom and I did not listen to the same music. It was more special. You had to really hunt for it and sharing was in the form of passing a cassette or playing an album.
This is a sketch that made years ago at a party. I vectorized it and enhanced it with a few modern touches. But when I look at it, I can remember the moment.

Mr. Fingers :: You’re Someone Special.

Is it the same?

I gotta know. Does modern music do the same for this generation? Or has everything just become a jingle?


Alla Kinda – Vector illustration and Animation


Alla Kinda is a vector illustration and animation collective that has our full attention. Just how good are they?
Just look at this guy strut:
all kinda vector art


London Summer Olympics – Paul Oakley

Paul Oakley

Vector Illustrations – Bad Dudes – Adam Sidwell

Adam Sidwell took weekly requests to illustrate “Bad Dudes” from all the different corners of pop culture. The results speak for themselves.



Vectorvault Newsletter September 2011

Autumn is a “Season of Change”. And here at Vectorvault, the leaves are certainly turning colours.
Once again, we have raked up some fine examples of vector art innovation and creativity.
We hope that they inspire you to express yourself in creative ways. Enjoy.

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