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Everybody loves free vector downloads. But just giving them away without a fight seems a little easy. That’s why we’ve created a little “Easter Egg Hunt” for you.
Hidden in the July Issue of The Vectorvault Newsletter are 8 vector downloads. All you have to do is do a little digging to find them. Along the way, we would appreciate a few comments and tweets.

So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

8 free vector downloads

8 free vector downloads


Vector Batman Cover – Detective Comics #745

I love Batman. I said it. I really love the timeless-cool of the character.
So much so, that I even overlook the Clooney disaster.
Great cover design.

Vector Illustration – “Punk!” – by Man-Tsun

Punk! by Man-Tsun
Punk!, a photo by Man-Tsun on Flickr.

Vector Portrait “Briana” by Mel Marcelo

Briana Artwork by Mel Marcelo
Briana Artwork, a photo by Mel Marcelo on Flickr.

“Art will kill the war” by Sugar Coated

War will kill the war by Im Sugar Coated
War will kill the war, a photo by Im Sugar Coated on Flickr.

Vector illustration series “In the forest where you sleep”

vector illustration in the forest where you sleep

Jared Nickerson and Marius Bauer have collaborated with this series of colourful animals in the wild.
Learn more here.

in the forest where you sleep vector illustration

Vector Illustration “in-memory-of-mission-2”

in-memory-of-mission-2, originally uploaded by Dr. Monster.